Iris Arc Pictures

Iris Arc Pictures

Iris Arc Pictures was founded on a rainy afternoon in Melbourne, Australia, over a glass of wine and a board game. It has since grown into a company that acts as an international production liaison, supporting those who wish to bridge the gap between themselves and film locations around the globe. We do so by utilizing our strong global industry connections, in all areas of development, production, distribution, marketing strategy and sales.

About us

Iris Arc Pictures is an inclusive company and is proud to be a part of the diverse narrative of the world around us, be that in the stories we tell or the people that lead and tell those stories. We champion change in the industry, with representation of everyone on and in the content we create. A key focus is female stories told on camera and the incredible people behind the camera that are integral to bringing these stories to life.

What we’ve done

We are in the process of packaging several shorts, feature length narratives and documentaries and welcome all opportunities to work with other ambitiously creative people. When it comes to contracted work we are here to get straight to the point – whatever you need, wherever you need it, we are here to help make it happen!

International Production Liaison

With teams in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, and New York, USA. The core team proudly boasts over a combined 25 years of experience in the Australian and International commercial, digital and short film landscape.