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Lauren Simpson
Lauren Simpson

Godless: The Eastfield Exorcism

Feature Film
True Crime / Horror


Lara is having horrific visions… and they’re getting worse. Her psychiatrist believes that the key to her treatment is to find the course of her trauma, hidden somewhere in Lara’s past.

Ron, Lara’s husband and devout Christian man, has other plans. He believes that the problem is a spiritual one and an exorcism is the only way to save her soul. Spurred on by a ruthless exorcist and a congregation of zealots, they’ll put an innocent woman through hell while trying to send her to heaven.



Overlook Film Festival, New Orleans USA

IncluCity Film Festival, Toronto CA

Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia

Ravenheart International Film Festival, Norway

Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival, Spain





Pivot Web Series


Web Series


An ambitious 40-year old woman reaches the final stage of her assessment to become the bank’s FIRST female CEO, only to find that her life’s ambition depends on a middle-aged white guy with a misogyny problem and a lycra obsession. And a bullshit set of corporate core values.

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